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The signal within is speaking and I am listening!

I am leaning into how I am feeling, in every moment, & letting that signal be my guide.

I am listening to the big signal that is screaming at me “hey follow me”....

...& little signal gently beckoning me ever deeper.

And I am willing to listen because I know that HOW I AM FEELING IS EVERYTHING!

Perfection is not my goal.

I trust myself.

My goal, my ask of myself, is that I simply show up.

Show up and feel.



Full of loving compassion for myself and others.

My ask of myself is that I show up and do my inner work.

Work that no one else can do for me.

No more excuses.

No more hiding.

No more finger pointing.

No more blaming.

No more numbing out.

I am giving up the resistance.

I am giving up the conditioning.

And I am giving up the people pleasing.

....because I trust that how I feel is everything!

I am embracing all of myself.

My mess maker self.

My big dreamer self.

My bold self.

My optimistic self.

My creative self.

My sexy self.

My energetic self.

My soul seeker self.

My frustrated self.

My angry self.

My wounded child self.

My silly self.

My triggered self.

...& my still so much to learn - human - self.

I am embracing all of me. With love and compassion.

I am leaning in.

Trusting my internal signal. And letting how I feel be my guide every step of the way.

Consider this your invitation to join me xo .... or not.... but I will be over here minding my own business as I dive deeper within!

Where it's been: Created Toronto, Canada

Feb 2021

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